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Alexandra Chando and Maia Mitchell are my spirit animals.

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I’ve decided that I want to expand this blog into something more than just being qualified as a gifs blog because, let’s face it; it’s already morethan just gifs. That being said, I will be moving blogs and changing things up- though, I will keep this blog as a side blog to my personal for obvious reasons, just won’t use it anymore. 

In expanding the blog, I’ve added a co-owner, one of my best friends, Miranda and she will be around to help out as well since, I don’t think I’d be able to handle it on my own if I did this. To the 114 of you that follow me here, I hope we can help you guys out on the new blog, and I will be sure to post the link to it over here, once it is up and running.

Linden Ashby Gif Hunt


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Twisted is so freaking awesome, 
people should have noticed how amazing 
& talented Avan Jogia is since the beginning.
Pretty Little Liars >>> Everything
Kendall Schmidt the perfect human being
I love Tamera & Tia Mowry's Style.
Jude should have some stuff of 
his own instead of everything in that 
room being Jesus.
I'm loving Tamera on The Real. 
She's doing an amazing job. Can't 
wait for Tia's show Instant Mom to 
premiere in September. :)
Glee will not be the same without 
Cory. He was a big part of that show. </3
Glee needs to do a dedication 
episode to Cory with bloopers, interviews, 
clips and have the whole Glee cast from 
Season 1 to present come on for the episode.